1) I have a query regarding my debit order?

Click here and give us the details of your query and one of our agents will contact you.

2) How do I get started with the MiAirtime Wallet or the Multi-Protector Policy?

It’s easy! Contact our call centre today at 0861 83 8485. One of our customer service employees will talk you through the step-by-step sign-up process and you’ll be registered in no time.

3) Is it safe to give my banking details over the phone?

Absolutely. All our calls are recorded so we have a record of you accepting our product and we cannot debit your bank account without your express authorisation.

4) Why do you have to debit my bank account? Why can't I pay cash?

Debit orders are a much more convenient method of payment. You don’t have to deal with messy cash transactions or make the time to visit the bank. You will never need to remember to buy airtime again, the power is in your hands.

5) Why do I have to be employed and earning a minimum of R2500 p/month to take advantage of this offer?

One of the great features of a Flexicell account is that we do not do any credit checks - but as such we need the assurance that you are working and that you have a bank account which allows for debit orders. If you are self-employed we require a VAT registration number or a C/K number.

6) What happens if I lose or change my phone number?

Simply contact our Customer Care centre at 0861 83 8485 to report the loss/change and register a new number.

7) Can I still use the MiAirtime Wallet if I’m on a contract?

Yes. However, you cannot use the top-up vouchers on a contract number. You can purchase the voucher and give it to a pre-paid user like a friend or family member.

8) What happens if I select an airtime voucher for an amount that’s larger than what’s left in the MiAirtime wallet?

Don’t worry. We’ll recharge your airtime with a voucher that you can afford. So if you opted for a R29 Vodacom voucher, but only have R18 left in your wallet, we’ll automatically give you a R12 voucher and advise that you need to add more money to your wallet.

9) What happens if I don’t have enough airtime to SMS my airtime order?

We’re one step ahead of you! You can actually order airtime with a Please Call Me. Simply send a Please Call Me to the same number that you will have received your MiAirtime Wallet balance confirmation from. When you do this you’ll automatically receive a recharge as follows:

  • Vodacom users – R29 voucher
  • MTN users – R30 voucher
  • Cell C users – 3 x R10 voucher

If your MiAirtime Wallet has less than R30 in it, we’ll automatically recharge your account with the next lowest voucher.

10) Do I need to have insurance to take advantage of the Multi-Protector Policy?

Not at all! That’s why this is the deal of the century! We’ll make sure you’re covered for the future.